• Chip resistor new product recommendation—KOA
    The new series includes: pulse-resistant high-precision resistor SG73G series and small size high-power class WK73R/S series resistors


  • Quality witnesses value, choice comes from wisdom—MITSUBISHI(MMC)
    Mitsubishi thermistor is well-structured, not afraid of being attacked by static electricity, high strength and high temperature resistance; Mitsubishi ceramic antennas have automotive certification, excellent structure, simple frequency modulation, and can be applied to different models.


  • The best choice for power applications—NCC (NIPPON CHEMI-CON)
    Suitable for aluminum electrolytic capacitors in automotive electronics and high temperature environments.


    A semiconductor product with advantages of low power, low voltage, high precision and ultra-small package. Widely used in automotive, home appliances, wearable devices, consumer electronics, instrumentation, medical devices and other fields.


  • Automotive Hybrid System Application Recommendation!—KOA
    AEC-Q200 certified, more high quality resistors for you to choose from!


  • S-89630AB series / S-1318 series new products hit! —ABLIC
    CMOS operational amplifiers that improve the performance of sensor devices and industrial robots! The world\'s top low current consumption compact LDO regulator down to 95nA! !